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  • We want to take a moment to thank you

    We want to take a moment to thank you r1 … Read More +
  • He could win again

    Dear PAOV, Most Canadians want to see a change in government, but our broken electoral system could give the Conservatives another majority - even with fewer votes than last time. Help stop another Harper majority by chipping in to our people-powered election campaign to defeat the Harper Conservatives and move Canada forward. Have you seen the latest polls? Most Canadians have rated the Conservatives’ performance as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor,’ and most say that the country is ‘going in the wrong direction.’ [1] However,… Read More +
  • Ads Against Apartheid hits LA with Mandela camp

    CAIA is not alone with having Mandela ads in December to mark his death and what he believed in.
     If  only we had the finances of LA!

    Ads Against Apartheid hits LA with Mandela campaign – Mondoweiss

    Billboards against Apartheid in LA

    CAIA Active Members Committee Read More +
  • Israeli arms firm loses key Brazil deal - First US union supports BDS

  • Partners in Crime

    LeftStreamed — Recorded in Toronto, 12 December 2014 Partners in Crime: The Mexican state, North American Capitalism, and the 43 Missing Students The signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement came with the promise of prosperity and jobs for all and the extension of human rights. These are, it needs hardly saying, promises unkept. On September 26th 2014, over 100 students from a rural teacher's college were passing through the nearby town of Iguala in Guerrero en route to a demonstration in Mexico… Read More +
  • Lima climate conference deceives, but not the climate movement - ITUC OnLine

    INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION Lima climate conference deceives, but not the climate movement Brussels, 14 December 2014 (ITUC OnLine) – Lima/Brussels – With governments ending yet another Climate conference in Lima, Peru, the trade union movement has to express its deep concerns on the low path of ambition that has been shown by negotiators and this despite the communication efforts deployed by many to dress the Lima deal as a step in the right direction. “Governments have decided to ignore our calls to… Read More +
  • Supply Chains, Forced Labour and Climate Action top ITUC 2015 Agenda - ITUC OnLine

    INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION ITUC OnLine 082/181214   Supply Chains, Forced Labour and Climate Action top ITUC 2015 Agenda   Brussels, 18 December 2014 (ITUC OnLine):  Tackling exploitation in global supply chains, campaigning against modern slavery and action for industrial transformation to reduce carbon emissions will be “frontlines” for action in 2015, following the ITUC’s annual General Council meeting which ended on 18 December in Brussels.   “We have an ambitious work programme for the coming year, following through on our agenda to build workers’ power which we… Read More +
  • got 2 minutes to watch and share?

      Dear PAOV, Happy holidays from all us of at Jewish Voice for Peace. I hope you can take a moment to watch this very short video that we made with our wonderful members from the Bay Area. It will give you a sense of the tireless work led by our chapters all over the country, and offers a message about Chanukah that I hope will inspire and lift you up for the big work we all have ahead.  If it speaks to you in any… Read More +
  • Who paid off PM Harper?

            Come Clean Prime Minister Harper Who paid off Prime Minister Harper’s campaigns that first put him into power? Did oil and gas companies and their executives pay off Harper’s costs? Did foreign companies? Did China-owned companies? PM Harper refuses to tell us who paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of his campaign costs to become party leader. What has PM Harper done for these secret donors? Is he pushing pipelines and refusing to restrict oil and gas companies or combat climate… Read More +
  • José Tendetza murder is more blood on

      s17 r18. weekly e-news for December 19th, 2014 This is your daily dose of our Editor top picks! For more new rabble content, visit>   Indigenous This week's top news and analysis about the struggles of indigenous peoples for rights and sovereignty. For more on indigenous issues visit our topic page: Community, Research and Social Change: 10th annual State of the Inner City Report December 19, 2014 | By Molly McCracken The State of the Inner City Report is an annual… Read More +
  • This week @ Black Lives Matter in Canada

      s17 r18. 19 Dec 2014 Hey rabble readers, As the #BlackLivesMatter movement spreads across the U.S., many Canadians have been quick to point fingers at systemic racism south of the border -- but in doing so, overlook anti-Black racism in Canada. In her latest column, Harsha Walia outlines why our institutions, communities, and movements need to be accountable for our own racism. As Naomi Klein makes clear, the racialized discounting of certain lives is built into our economic order -- and informs our… Read More +
  • BCSEA E-News: Message from the Mountain

    BCSEA E-News for Friday, December 19, 2014 Message from the Mountain by Guy Dauncey, BCSEA Founder and Communication Director BURNABY NEWS, DECEMBER 1ST, 2034 Journalist: Mayor Julia Alexander, it is a privilege to be interviewing you here on the mountain on the 20th anniversary of the Burnaby Mountain arrests. As we all know, those days played an important part in subsequent events. Do you have any thoughts that you’d like to share? Mayor: I was young at the time, and we’d been camping on the… Read More +
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