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  • Senate created to keep "the people" in check: retired senator (and they prove it again with Bill C-525)

    Given the terrible anti-labour bill they passed yesterday, this former Tory senators take on the Senate's purpose sure explains a lot. Please feel free to share:

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  • Gap

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  • All we want for the holidays is protest rights

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  • The Cuban 5 Are Finally FREE

    Dear friends,After 16 years in U.S. jails the last three of the remaining Cuban 5 have been finally freed. This is no doubt a great victory for the 5, for Cuba, for justice and for all of us who have been working for their release. Thousands of committees and thousands of politicians, artists, students, professors, religious organizations, writers and so many people around the globe have been constantly working for this day to come. This has shown that a united and determined… Read More +
  • Doritos

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  • Paul Dewar goes to Israel

    Last night as we were handing out leaflets at Mulcair's event a person of Jewish background going into the pub stopped to thank us for what we were doing. She stated that the day before on Sunday, Dec. 14, Murray Rankin who went on a personal visit to Israel in June of this year did a presentation in the local Jewish Synagogue. This gives us a good opportunity to either send him a letter or ask to have a meeting with… Read More +
  • Bolivia to Host 2015 Meeting of Social Movements to Fight Climate Change

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(((( T h e B u l l e t ))))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1062 .... December 17, 2014 _____________________________________________________ Bolivia to Host 2015 Meeting of Social Movements to Fight Climate Change In wake of UN's COP20 Failure, ALBA Summit Backs Proposal to Draft Alternative Plan Richard Fidler Meeting in Havana December 14, the 13th summit of ALBA leaders endorsed a Bolivian proposal to host an international assembly of social movements in 2015 to discuss and adopt a united strategy for fighting climate… Read More +
  • Victoria Mutiny Commemoration - SUNDAY DEC. 21st

    (please share)Sponsored by the Victoria Peace CommitteeJoin the event on FacebookLearn more about the Victoria MutinyVictoria Mutiny Commemoration Honour the Resisters of the 259th BattalionSunday, December 219:00 AM - Ceremony at corner of Fort and Quadra Street (location of 1918 Mutiny)7:30 AM - Memorial Walk, departing from Carnarvon Park (2801 Henderson Rd, at Carnarvon Street, in Oak Bay), following the route of the 259 Battalion On the morning of Dec. 21st, 1918, French-Canadian conscripts in the 259th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force mutinied… Read More +
  • FVC Holiday Jingle - Voters Deserve a Say! Heh?

       Dashing to the polls, to put your vote in play Splitting the votes we know with Jt, Mulcair and May. It’s a short four year fling a winner and loser fright What drag it is to play and cling to the first-past-the-post plight. Oh voters’ rights, voters’ rights voters’ deserve a say! 7 million wasted votes with this winner-take-allhorse race, Heh! Oh voters’ rights, voters’ rights voters’ deserve a say! 7 million wasted votes with this winner-take-allhorse race, Heh!  So, let’s… Read More +
  • Urgent Action: Stop the killing of Papuans

    Survival    Tribes    News    Act Now    Donate  Urgent Action: Stop the killing of Papuans “Civilians have been shot and killed without reason. These actions show that security personnel have treated residents not as citizens but as enemies who must be eliminated,” Rev. Neles Tebay, Papuan leader Five Papuan teenagers have been shot dead by the security forces during a protest. For decades West Papua’s tribal people have been killed, raped, arrested and tortured by Indonesian soldiers and police. The government in Jakarta has done nothing to stop… Read More +
  • Broadbent Institute releases report and video on perceptions and misconceptions of wealth gap

    Good Morning,The Broadbent Institute just released our report and video on perceptions and misconceptions of Canada’s wealth gap. The shareable link is here:  We would appreciate your support in sharing the video with your supporters. Some potential tweets and Facebook posts include:Wealth inequality in Canada is a far cry from people’s ideal. Watch this @broadbent video to learn more: Canada, 86 families own more than the bottom 11M combined. Watch this @broadbent video about Canada’s #weathgap: make inequality an election issue.… Read More +
  • NEW report: Reality bites - Canadians vastly underestimate wealth gap, want more balance

    I know you're aware of The Broadbent Institute's report The Wealth Gap. But we have a "Cole's Notes" version/story on PressProgress that you might want to share with your members:

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