One Month to cut Big Oil from Canadas most iconic muse

Now is our best chance to cut Big Oil from the Museum of History. r1


Canada’s most iconic museum shouldn’t be in bed with the dirtiest oil lobby in the country.

The Museum of History, across the river from Parliament Hill, currently accepts money from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). CAPP’s been lobbying the government for years to expand the oil industry by dismantling laws protecting our land, water, and climate, and pushing an an agenda that violates Indigenous rights.

Museum sponsorship is clearly a part of CAPP’s grand strategy to gain public and political support for new fossil fuel projects -- and it’s unacceptable. Will you sign the petition calling on the Museum of History to cut CAPP?

Speaking up right now can make a big difference. This is the last year of CAPP’s sponsorship agreement with... the Museum of History, and on April 24th, decision makers at the Museum of History will meet to decide CAPP’s fate at the Museum. Our goal is to show up at the meeting with thousands of signatures calling on the Museum to cut ties to CAPP. Help us get there by signing the petition.

We know people power works. When thousands spoke up, the Natural History Museum in New York and the Tate Modern in London, cut ties to Big Oil. The Museum of History should follow the lead of these valued cultural institutions.


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