Spy scandal on Parliament Hill

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BREAKING: Government inaction on surveillance has allowed for a major spying scandal on Parliament Hill. Cell phones in the nation’s capital have been tracked and spied on with a technology that can access all of your calls, emails, and texts.

A shocking investigation by CBC News shows spying devices, known as “Stingrays” (or “IMSI-catchers”), have been used by malicious actors to access the sensitive, personal information of people around Parliament Hill.1

Members of Parliament, business leaders, diplomats, and everyday citizens... just like you may have had their sensitive information and most intimate moments compromised by simply walking through the streets using their phone.

Why did this happen? Because the government refuses to acknowledge the growing Stingray surveillance problem. Sure, they’ve ordered an investigation to find the bad guys behind this2 – but we need more than that.

Can you chip in to fund large advertisements around Parliament Hill that will pressure the government to stop invasive Stingray spying dead in its tracks?

Stingrays can conduct indiscriminate, mass spying on every cell phone in a given area. They work by mimicking cell phone towers, forcing every nearby phone to connect to them.

Malicious actors are then able to track who you called and when, read your emails, text messages, and other data being transmitted. And you’d never even know that you’d been a victim.3

So far, the government has refused to take action. But together we will send a signal they can’t ignore by putting up high-impact advertisements around Parliament Hill.

Will you donate to plaster Ottawa with hard-hitting, pro-privacy messages?

OpenMedia was one of the loudest groups flagging Stingray spying as a major privacy issue for Canadians. Over the past year, we have:

  • Filed an official complaint with the federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner, triggering a formal investigation.4
  • Launched an international campaign to stop invasive Stingray spying that over 45,000 people have joined so far.5
  • Filed a hard-hitting policy intervention at the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner with our colleagues at CIPPIC.6
  • Raised the issue with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s team in Ottawa.
  • Amplified your voice in the media on numerous occasions to ensure as many Canadians as possible can find out about this invasive spying.7,8

OpenMedia has been beating the pro-privacy drum to stop out-of-control Stingray surveillance for over a year.

Now it’s time for you to do your part. Donate now to tell MPs to put a stop to this invasive spying by sending a message they can’t ignore.

Will you chip in to make this campaign a reality? I’m counting on you.

Thanks in advance,

Josh, on behalf of OpenMedia


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