Shameful! EPA refuses to ban brain-harming chemical

r1   ... PANPAN Help ramp up pressure on Mr. Pruitt’s appalling chlorpyrifos decision 

Dear Paov,

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a stunning reversal on the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos. The New York Times headline captured it well: "EPA Chief, Rejecting Agency's Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide." 

This morning, we took Administrator Pruitt’s EPA back to court, demanding that he reinstate the planned ban within 30 days. 

We’re hoping you’ll help us use social media to ramp up the pressure after last week’s appalling decision. Click below to tweet now! (And if you’re not on Twitter, stay tuned — there will be plenty of opportunities to take action in the weeks ahead.)

.@EPA, shame on you for putting the profits of @DowChemical over the health of millions of children. #banchlorpyrifos @pesticideaction

The science on chlorpyrifos is crystal clear: when children are exposed, their brain development is compromised. And children in rural, agricultural areas are particularly at risk, since they’re exposed to this pesticide when it drifts from nearby fields. EPA’s scientists have also found that farmworkers are exposed to unsafe amounts on the job.  

Despite the overwhelming evidence of harm, Dow’s lobbyists pressed hard to keep their product on the market. And last week, Mr. Pruitt obliged. 

See you back in court, @EPA. You don’t get to ignore science & put children & farmworkers at risk. #banchlorpyrifos @pesticideaction

Some folks in Congress are already paying attention. The lead Democrat in the Environment and Public Works Committee sent a sharply worded letter to Mr. Pruitt late last week, asking him to justify the agency’s sudden about-face. Send a thank you, too! We’re hoping other Senators will follow suit. 

Thank you @SenatorCarper for asking @EPA: Why reversal on neurotoxic pesticide? #banchlorpyrifos @pesticideaction

This EPA decision is wrong, and will not stand. Thank you for helping to keep the heat on Mr. Pruitt’s EPA and get chlorpyrifos off the market, once and for all!r2

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