Christy Clark wont like this

Christy Clark is trying to buy the election with millions of dollars from shady corporate donors.

Should the Leadnow community launch a hard-hitting election campaign to help defeat Christy Clark?

Yes No

With barely a month until the BC election, Christy Clark’s BC Liberals have raised millions from huge corporate donors, and they’re hoping they can spend their way to victory. [1]

But Premier Clark is facing tough questions about her cozy relationship with big-money donors: Did the $771,186 in donations from Kinder Morgan and their backers buy her support for their pipeline? Did more than $1.5 million in donations from condo developers influence the government’s too-little-too-late response to the housing crisis? [2-3]

With the RCMP investigating whether some donations to the BC Liberals may have broken the law, and the scandal all over the news, you can bet Christy Clark is nervous. [4]

Now, the BC Liberals are getting ready to unleash a flood of attack ads designed to shift the focus away from the donation scandal and stoke voters’ fear of change. It’s the same cynical strategy that helped them win the last election, and it could work again. 

But they have two massive weaknesses. If they can't keep a lid on the political donation scandal, or if progressives vote in huge numbers, the BC Liberals are toast.

The Leadnow community could throw a wrench in the BC Liberals’ plans, if we launch a hard-hitting campaign to shine a spotlight on Christy Clark’s scandals and get out the progressive vote. 

But our people-powered campaigns only work when you’re on board. So what do you say, PAOV? Should Leadnow launch a campaign to help unseat Christy Clark’s BC Liberals in the election this May?



We’ve already done research into the key battleground ridings, and mapped out a plan to reach the key voters who will decide whether or not Christy Clark’s Liberal win again.

If enough Leadnow members are on board, we can launch a hard-hitting campaign to blow the lid of the BC Liberals’ political donations scandal, and help make sure voters show up in droves to vote for change.

As an independent organization that’s not affiliated with any one political party, we can reach voters who might tune out when they hear from political parties. And that means we can have a huge impact.

But at Leadnow, you call the shots, so we need to hear from you. First thing on Monday morning, I’ll be looking at the results of this survey to decide if we go forward with this campaign, and I want to make sure your input is counted.

Do you think Leadnow should launch a major campaign to help unseat Christy Clark’s Liberals in the BC election?



We’re in this together,
Jolan and Logan, on behalf of the entire team


[1] Globe editorial: B.C.’s wild west financing laws need more than just a few tweaks (Globe and Mail). 

[2] Groups call on Christy Clark to return Kinder Morgan political donations (Vancouver Sun).

[3] Real estate developers topped B.C. Liberals donor list in the past year (Vancouver Sun). 

[4] Breaking: BC Liberal Political Donation Scandal Investigated by RCMP


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