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United Airlines had a passenger violently removed from his flight. The video of the incident is all over the news.

United CEO Oscar Munoz has responded with empty apologies. He needs to be fired or resign now.

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A disturbing viral video shows footage of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly dragged by law enforcement officers off an overbooked flight with blood dripping from his mouth.

The passenger is a doctor who was simply trying to get to his patients and refused to give up the seat he’d already paid for. Instead, he ended up bloodied and disoriented.

Right now, United's CEO is scrambling to address the outrage the video has caused with empty PR statements. The company is incredibly vulnerable to public pressure -- and that’s why we need to come together to demand that he lose his job.

Tell United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz to resign now.

The passenger who posted the video, Audra Bridges, told press that three security officials were called aboard after the doctor refused to give up the seat he’d paid for. He was allegedly thrown against an armrest before being dragged down the aisle of the plane.

Much of the news coverage identify the doctor as Asian. This is noteworthy because this isn’t the first time an airline has mistreated a passenger of color. For instance, last summer, an Arab American passenger was removed from an American Airlines flight after a flight attendant announces "I'll be Watching You". And many more instances of racism in the airline industry go unreported each year.

And given the crisis of police violence that disproportionately targets Black people and other people of color, airlines like United have a responsibility to not escalate situations by unnecessarily involving law enforcement.

Amidst public outrage, lets call on the United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz to resign now.

Tell United that violent passenger removal is not a solution to overbooked flights, and this CEO must go.

SumOfUs has fought for accountability in the airline industry in the past. Last year, we held one of Canada’s largest airlines to account for failing to properly investigate and prosecute sexual assault by pilots in the workplace.

Let’s come together now and force United Airlines to take responsibility and immediate action.

Thanks for all that you do,

Angus, Emma, Nicole, Fatah, and the team at SumOfUs 


More information: 

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I didn't realize how often Muslims get kicked off planes, until it happened to me, Guardian, September 8, 2017.
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