A win for baby pigs!

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Dear PAOV,

We just got amazing news: A cruel pig-chasing event has been cancelled! 

The Dundas Agricultural Fair in Prince Edward Island hosted a "pig scramble" in past years—an outdated event where traumatized baby pigs are chased around a pen and captured, all for the sake of entertainment. 

But this year was different. A petition against the event got national media attention, and Animal Justice sent a legal letter to local law enforcement authorities. We explained why pig scramble events violate federal and provincial animal cruelty laws, and demanded the event be prosecuted if it went ahead ahead.

Provincial officials took our legal complaint seriously. They told the fair at a meeting this week that pig chases don't comply with legal... standards, and the pig scramble was cancelled for good!

PAOV, using animals for entertainment is no longer acceptable. Two pig scramble events in other provinces were recently cancelled as well, and there is real momentum right now toward ending this cruelty.

Our lawyers are fighting hard to ensure that no animal suffers fear and trauma simply for the sake of entertainment. Can you make a one-time donation to help us win this legal fight?

Thank you for standig up for animals,

Camille Labchuk
Executive Director MAKE A GIFT Animal Justice leads the legal fight for animal protection in Canada. Our lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection laws, push to prosecute animal abusers, and fight on behalf of animals in court.

Visit www.animaljustice.ca to learn more.   5700-100 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
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