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Uber's CEO has made millions in profit by bending the law, paying drivers scandalously low wages, and mistreating employees. 

The ride-sharing service needs a dramatic shift in company culture--starting from the top. Tell Uber to fire its disastrous CEO Travis Kalanick.

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Uber’s notorious business model is built on bending the law, bullying the competition and treating its employees like dirt. But finally, a massive popular resistance is turning back the tide on this Silicon Valley outcast.

Uber is making a reputation for itself as one of the world's worst employers. Some Uber drivers make less than $10 per hour—and when one driver complained, Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick personally insulted him. Even worse, one engineer’s viral blog post alleged that Uber fosters a culture of sexual assault in its head offices.

But movements like #DeleteUber, which forced Uber to backtrack on its role in Donald Trump's business advisory council, are scoring huge wins. Even Uber's president, second only to CEO Kalanick, resigned late last month saying that the company's "beliefs and approach to leadership" were inconsistent with his values

Uber’s horrible, world-famous record as a shady employer starts with its CEO. Fire Travis Kalanick now.

Far too often, the story is the same: move into a new location, ignore local regulations, promise huge salaries to potential drivers and win over consumers with free rides and even free ice cream. But don’t ask Uber to pay labor tax, sick leave or even minimum wage -- it claims it doesn’t have to.

In some markets, Uber jacks up its commissions and bottoms out its fares — often while still avoiding the laws and regulations that have kept taxi passengers safe for decades. Then it’s on to the next city: lather, rinse repeat.

People are finally starting to figure out that Uber is one of the most irresponsible, reckless and destructive corporations around. The #DeleteUber movement has been one of the most inspiring counter-corporate campaigns of the year so far — that arguably cost Uber its president. People power even forced Kalanick to resign from Trump’s business advisory council -- but it’s not enough. Kalanick must go.

Tell Uber it’s time to own up: Fire CEO Travis Kalanick now.

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