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The corporation behind the Mt. Polley tailings pond disaster wants to build an open-pit copper mine in Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The rainforests around Tofino are no place for a mine. It’s an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Stop the Clayoquot mining project now.

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The company responsible for the worst mining disaster in Canadian history wants to build a new open-pit copper mine in the heart of the iconic and pristine rainforests of Clayoquot Sound.

Imperial Metals is the corporation behind the Mt. Polley tailings pond disaster—and it still hasn’t paid a nickel in compensation or fines. Now it wants to test its horrible track record in one of the most precious ecological areas in Canada—despite opposition from Ahousaht First Nations.

The mine’s proposed site, Catface Mountain, is part of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve -- one of only 18 in Canada. It overlooks the town of Tofino, an international tourist destination nestled on the far West Coast of Canada. Let’s stand with them and make sure this project can’t go forward.

This is not a site for an open-pit copper mine. It’s an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Tell Imperial Metals to drop its Clayoquot Sound mining projects .

The BC Minister of Energy and Mines, Bill Bennett, approved a permit for Imperial Metals to conduct exploratory drilling at the long-abandoned Fandora gold mine in Clayoquot Sound. This is despite the vocal opposition of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations who have said no to this project on their lands. 

Imperial Metals has been greasing the pockets of provincial politicians for years trying to make mining laws more lax and pave the way for more mining projects. It donated nearly $200,000 to the ruling B.C. Liberals -- and the majority shareholder even hosted a $1 million fundraiser for the Liberals a few years back.

Perhaps it’s no wonder the B.C. government hasn’t forced the mining company to pay a cent for causing the worst mining in Canadian history, instead of saddling taxpayers with $40 million in cleanup costs.

Luckily, we have the opportunity now to ensure that nothing like Mount Polley ever happens again. Over 34,000 SumOfUs members have already made headlines demanding the government hold Imperial Metals to account for Mt. Polley. Now we can show Imperial Metals that it is not welcome in Clayoquot Sound and prevent disaster before it happens. This is why we at Clayoquot Action reached out to SumOfUs to start this petition. 

Canada can’t afford another Mt. Polley anywhere. We definitely can’t afford it in a UNESCO biosphere reserve just above one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

Please sign now and stop open-pit mining in Clayoquot Sound.

Thanks for all that you do,

Dan Lewis, Co-founder of Clayoquot Action


More information: 

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