An Economic Policy for France

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1398 .... April 19, 2017

An Economic Policy for France

Despite the fact that France is not yet out of the economic stagnation that followed the 2007-08 crisis, Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon want to continue and to intensify the policies of cuts to public expenditure, dismantling the social and State labour-rights, that were applied without pause by the previous governments. These policies have only served the richest in society. They only lead to immerse the country in the vicious circle of unemployment and precariousness, terrain of the rise of the FN [Front National] whose false social "varnish" can barely hide their profoundly racist and xenophobic nature and the incoherence of their economic propositions.

On the contrary, the solutions proposed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon are, in our opinion, the only ones... capable of responding to the five major urgencies of our time. They form a coherent and rigorously calculated framework that takes into account budgetary equilibria, not by joining a race toward austerity but by proposing a detailed and ambitious economic program that relies on a higher level of fiscal justice, an investment policy and an emancipation with respect to financial markets.

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