Oh no you don't, Mr. Pruitt

r1   ... PANPAN This is exactly why science matters

Dear Paov,

This Saturday, tens of thousands of scientists (and supporters of science) will be marching in cities across the country with a loud and clear message: science matters. 

The case of chlorpyrifos shows exactly why. Despite incredibly strong scientific evidence showing the chemical is unsafe, Administrator Scott Pruitt’s  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed course on plans to pull this brain-harming insecticide off the market — putting the health of millions of children and farmworkers at risk.  

The comment period on this terrible decision is open until June 5. Help us flood EPA with the message that keeping chlorpyrifos on the market is unacceptable.

As you may have seen in the news, PAN and our partners have already taken Pruitt’s EPA back to court on this issue. Our lawyers tell us the agency’s sudden reversal is on shaky legal ground. 

Thousands of you joined in our #BanChlorpyrifos Twitter campaign calling out EPA for putting Dow’s interests above science and children’s health — thank you! We’re going to continue ramping up the public pressure on the agency in all ways possible.

Add your name to the petition demanding EPA follow the science on chlorpyrifos today — and spread the word!

The more signatures we collect, the more attention we can generate from the media and Congress.  

Thank you for making a difference!r2

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