Solidarity With Protest Movement in Morocco

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1453 .... July 22, 2017

Solidarity With Protest Movement in Morocco

Several civil society organizations have voiced their support for protests in Morocco and other North African countries facing growing state repression, resource theft and imperialist expansion. They call for respect for people's rights and just development.

On 26 June, the first day of Eid celebrations, a popular march that was organized in the town of Hoceima, northern Morocco, was brutally repressed. The people of the Rif region decided to organize the "Eid March" in order to demand the release of their sons and daughters imprisoned in the previous few weeks and to denounce the ongoing violence and intimidation that the state is using against their resistance through a wide campaign of jailing and kidnapping of their activists and leaders.

In... fact, the authorities tightened their blockade of the region by closing the main roads leading to the town and it embarked on a general sweeping operation against citizens that were trying to reach Hoceima either by foot or through smaller non-paved roads and against those who were gathering in streets and squares in order to join the march. In spite of all of this, people from other neighbouring villages succeeded in organizing huge solidarity marches in order to break the suffocating blockade.

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