Update: Carlsberg/Cambrew still attacking Cambodian union

Update: Carlsberg/Cambrew still attacking Cambodian union r1 ...

Carlsberg continues to attack the rights of workers at its Cambodian joint-venture Cambrew. On July 21, a provincial court dismissed the company's demand that  Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation (CFSWF) leader Sar Mora pay the company USD 60,000 in 'compensation' for a warehouse strike last August which the union neither organized nor endorsed. At the same time, the court ordered a local union leader to pay the company USD 3,000!

The union has been seeking reinstatement of the beer promotion women who were dismissed last year for contesting the unilateral worsening of their terms of employment.

CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CARLSBERG, calling on the company to drop the court case completely, reinstate the beer promoters dismissed for defending their rights and enter into good faith negotiations with CFSWF to resolve long-standing issues. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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