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JULY 2017

SAVED! Chatham dogs get a second chance at life

Animal Justice fought in court last year to save 21 abused dogs from execution after they were rescued from a dogfighting ring. After months of negotiations, the dogs will now have a fresh start at a Florida rehabilitation centre! Thanks to everyone who spoke up for the pups.
Read about this amazing victory >>

More chicken cruelty exposed in... B.C.

Authorities are investigating after Animal Justice released a new video depicting shocking cruelty an Abbotsford chicken farm. Chickens were picked up by the handful, stuffed roughly into crates, and had doors painfully slammed shut on their wings and legs.
Get the details >> 

Wildlife-killing TrapStik removed from stores

The TrapStik wasp trap was exposed for catching and brutally killing small songbirds. Whether the victims are songbirds, bees, wasps, or other creatures, glue traps are incredibly cruel. You joined our campaign against the TrapStik, and the company was forced to halt sales after retailers pulled it from store shelves!

Read about this win for wildlife >>

Animal advocate assaulted at chicken slaughterhouse in Vancouver

Animal advocates from Vancouver Chicken Save regularly document the cruelty chickens endure on their way into the Hallmark Poultry slaughterhouse. But workers recently tried to to stop one activist from filming animal suffering by illegally shoving, pulling and body-checking him.

Ask the Vancouver Police to prosecute this assault >>

Draft of new Canada Food Guide prioritizes plant-based foods

Health Canada's new draft of the Food Guide eliminates dairy as a food group, and encourages eating plant protein instead of animal flesh! This spells good news for animals, human health, and the environment. 

See how plants are winning! >>

Help animals by putting plants on the agenda

Two important new federal consultations could help save animals! One proposal to restrict advertising of unhealthy foods like fatty cheeses, sweetened yogurt and ice cream to kids. The government is also creating Canada's first-ever food policy.  

Have your say today! >>

PEI bans exotic animal circuses

PEI just became the first province to ban exotic animals from circuses! This groundbreaking move will protect wild animals from the brutal training methods, abuse, and misery that are standard in the circus industry.

Get the details >>

Coming up: Lunch Break Live with Animal Justice

Tune in to our next Facebook Live event on August 4 at 12 pm ET!  Our executive director and lawyer Camille Labchuk will be on hand to answer all of your animal law questions. 

Have a questions for Camille? Just reply to this email and she'll answer it on Friday.

    MAKE A GIFT Animal Justice leads the legal fight for animal protection in Canada. Our lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection laws, push to prosecute animal abusers, and fight on behalf of animals in court.

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