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We’re excited to tell you about two massive victories for the water and environment led by Indigenous communities, local groups, and environmental activists last week.

Tens of thousands of SumofUs members like you stood in solidarity with First Nations and local groups who have fought tirelessly for years to prevent Malaysian gas giant Petronas from building a giant LNG project. And we just won!

This project would have destroyed our climate, devastated the second largest salmon run in Canada, and had severe impacts on First Nations and communities in the Skeena Watershed.


To make sure that Petronas or any other LNG project never comes back to Lelu Island, SumOfUs has committed $2,500 dollars to the Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs (RAVEN) Trust, a small but mighty charity that distributes funds to help Indigenous Peoples in Canada defend their treaty rights and the integrity of their traditional lands.

The money will go directly to paying outstanding legal bills that were incurred by several First Nations in the Skeena Watershed who filed legal challenges against Petronas after the project was greenlighted by the Federal Government.

Can you chip in to top up our donation to groups like RAVEN in their fight for traditional Indigenous lands?

When Petronas first announced this project, it was seen as inevitable that it would be built. But thanks to the courage and determination of Hereditary Chief Yahaan Wesley of the Gitwilgyoots Tribe, and the Lelu Island land defenders who held down the frontlines, re-occupying and protecting Lelu Island, this project has and will never go forward.

Throughout the Skeena Watershed, communities mobilized to stand with Lelu Island. The fight to stop Petronas spread through BC and across the country, culminating in this multinational global energy giant finally throwing in the towel and packing its bags.

With support from the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, SumOfUs members showed that if we speak together, our voice will be heard. A staff member from Canadian Environmental Assessment called me hours after we flooded their inbox with 20,000 individual emails to say our comments had been received. This was likely the most messages the department has ever received.

Will you chip in so we can continue to support Indigenous land and water defenders?

And we also want to celebrate a landmark win for Indigenous rights in Clyde River, Nunavut. The Inuit Hamlet just won a six-year battle to stop seismic blasting in the Arctic that could have destroyed marine life such as seal, beluga, and narwhal — the ‘unicorn of the sea’ —populations, which Inuit rely on for food.

SumOfUs played a small part spreading the word about the seismic blasting and Clyde River's fight for their rights. Together, 90,000 of our members spoke out against seismic blasting, which would have fired loud sound explosions in the ocean to look for oil.

From all of us, we want to thank the community of Clyde River for working tirelessly to protect their water and wildlife. Your courage is an inspiration to us all. We’d also like to thank groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty International for their work to strengthen Indigenous rights around resource extraction projects.

Thanks for everything you do,
Angus, Emma, Liz, and the rest of the SumOfUs team

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Original email on Petronas LNG in 2015:

Canada's next big climate fight is taking place on tiny Lelu Island, the proposed site of a massive foreign-backed LNG plant.

Send a message to our Environment Minister and the Environmental Assessment Agency to reject this disastrous project!

Add your voice

The next fight against climate change is happening on a tiny remote island in northwestern British Columbia -- and everything is at stake.

Malaysian-owned Petronas wants to build a massive LNG plant on Lelu Island, right on top of Canada’s second largest wild salmon run. The project runs roughshod over First Nations rights and would create one of the largest single-point sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

We need to make it impossible for Canada to approve this project. That’s why we’re flooding the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna with all the reasons this project would be a catastrophe for Canadians.

This is Canada’s next big climate battle. Can you tell Minister McKenna and the CEAA why this is a fight we can’t lose ahead of the submission deadline this week?

The Petronas project would be an ecological disaster. The waters off the coast of Prince George are home to majestic Grey whales, Fin whales and Killer whales -- all listed as at risk. Also, this project would put porpoises, sea lions and sea otters that are already at risk in even more danger.

Investing in Petronas is risky and makes no economic sense. Petronas is mired in corruption charges back home. The president is currently accused of stealing $700 million and covering up $11 billion in debt. Meanwhile, the global price of LNG is plummeting due to market saturation, making the project a serious gamble.

But right now, we have one week to stop this project from happening.

Our new government promised it would protect the environment, respect Indigenous rights and listen to scientists. It promised to put Canadians first -- not profit for foreign corporations. The government has a public comment period open right now, and it if we flood it with comments, we can make sure this disastrous project is never built.

Click here to send Minister McKenna a message about the boneheaded plan to build an LNG plant on Lelu Island.

Thanks for everything you do,
Angus, Emma, Liz, and the rest of the SumOfUs team


More information:

The Stand at Lelu Island: B.C. First Nations vow to halt LNG project, Ricochet, Nov 5, 2015

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