Denim execs are getting nervous

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Because of you and nearly 100,000 other SumofUs members, the campaign against the deadly environmental impact of denim production is already making big waves in the industry. We’ve even gotten word from insiders that some major denim execs are nervous about their brand’s reputation.

We know that when it comes to big brands, public pressure really works. Your voice in this has already made a difference -- will you help keep the pressure up by sharing a video with your friends and family?

Watch and share the video now to make sure the denim industry execs know we’re paying attention and we’re not giving up.

*Here's a sneak peek, click to watch the whole video

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Did you know that the denim industry is playing a big part in catastrophic climate change by burning massive amounts of coal in production lines? Sign the petition to tell denim execs to clean up their act:

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