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Nathalie Chambers

Friend --

Recently the municipality of Saanich has lost an environmental hero, visionary, conservationist, and educator, municipal councillor Vic Derman. I join all Saanich residents in sending my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Vic was always a strong voice for a sustainable Saanich. He was one of the cofounders of the land conservancy of BC, he was instrumental in the protection of farmland, and a reliable voice for a green future.

Vic’s passing has left a large hole in council and thrown his legacy of environmental protection and sustainability in Saanich into question. This legacy is too precious to be eroded. In this time of grief, it is up to each of us to do whatever we can to honour Vic’s legacy and fight for his dream of a greener, safer, more prosperous future.

I have lived, studied, worked and farmed here in Saanich since my childhood, raising my children here and working hard to build our community. I have been an organic food grower at Madrona Farm for thousands of Saanich residents. Vic’s vision for a sustainable future resonates deeply with me.

That’s why I've worked with organizations including the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, The Land Conservancy, and the Social Environmental Alliance. It’s why I spearheaded the campaign to protect local farms and stop the industrialization of the Blenkinsop Valley, and it’s why I founded the Big Dream Farm Fund Society and the Farmland Protection Coalition.

I believe that Vic Derman's legacy of environmental advocacy and public service need to be protected and his vision grown to meet new challenges.

I know we all have to do our part to build a community we can be proud to call home. That is why I am announcing my candidacy for election to Saanich Council, to continue building on Vic's inspiring legacy of providing a strong, independent voice for a sustainable Saanich. There is a lot of work ahead, I know that, but together I truly believe that we can protect our precious legacies and sustain a brighter future for our community.

I hope you will join me in this important work.




“I think Nathalie's deep respect for neighbourhoods and community plans means she'll bring a strong voice for sustainable growth to Saanich Council.”
-David Cubberley, former Saanich Councillor and MLA

“Nathalie Chambers has devoted her life to promoting local food production and environmental quality. She and her husband David have been the stewards of Madrona Farm for 15 years, and have excelled in community involvement, supporting educational programs around sustainable agriculture, and helping to preserve the precious soils and farmlands of Saanich. Author of the book,Saving Farmlands, she has hands-on experience that she will devote to her position on Council.”
-Nancy Turner, Trudeau Fellow and Emeritus Professor, University of Victoria Environmental Studies


Nathalie Chambers · Canada
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