Skeletons in the closet

Chip in to for hard-hitting radio ads to blow the lid off Christy Clark's political donation scandal this election.

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There’s less than four weeks til election day and Christy Clark has stacks of skeletons in her closet

Huge cheques from corporations based in Texas and Malaysia. Donors sneaking into cash-for-access fundraisers in vans with tinted windows. An RCMP probe into potentially illegal donations. [1-3]

But Christy Clark is betting she can keep a lid on the “wild west” political donations scandal if she sticks to her talking points -- and her friends in the corporate media might let her get away with it. At her campaign launch on Monday only one reporter asked about her shady big-money donations. [4]

This political donation scandal could be the tipping point that convinces undecided voters not to support the BC Liberals -- but only if we can derail Christy Clark's coverup, and blow the lid off the scandal.

I just talked to CKNW, the top radio station in Vancouver’s vote-rich suburbs, and they’re willing to run radio ads for just $65 per spot. If we raise $10,000 we can blanket radio ads across key battleground ridings and keep the focus on Christy Clark's shady donations scandal. It could be enough to convince key swing voters that Clark needs to go. 

Just $5 will help reach more than 1,000 voters. But radio airtime could sell out any day, so we need to act fast. Will you chip in $5?

Yes, I'll chip in $5

Christy Clark knows she’s in trouble. Martyn Brown, BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell’s right-hand man, is publishing scathing columns about her cozy relationship with big-money donors. The former mayor of the Township of Langley -- an influential “free enterpriser” -- just called the BC Liberals “morally and ethically bankrupt”. [5-6]

But Clark is betting she can force her big-money skeletons into the closet if she sticks to her inflated talking points about the economy -- and if the corporate media takes the bait and stops reporting on her scandal. We need to cut through the noise and make Clark’s big money scandal an election issue she can't escape. This is why your radio ads are so important. 

The election could be come down to a few battleground ridings in the suburbs of Vancouver, where commuters spend hours every day stuck in traffic listening to the radio. Your ads will reach thousands of voters every day, and in ridings with razor-thin margins, that could make all the difference. [7]

If we can raise $10,000 in the next week, your hard-hitting radio ad will be heard almost 2 million times by the voters who will decide if Christy Clark wins or loses on May 9th. So what do you say, Supa, will you chip in?

Chip in $5

None of us could change the outcome of the election on our own, but if we all chip in we can make a huge difference. That’s the power of the Leadnow community. Click here to chip in now:

We’re in this together,
Jolan and Brittany, on behalf of the entire Leadnow team

P.s. for the price of two coffees, you could reach more than 1,000 voters with a hard-hitting message about Christy Clark's political funding scandal. Will you chip in $5 now?


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