A milestone for citizenship equality!

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Dear friends,

When a Canadian gets a parking ticket, they are entitled to a court hearing to defend themselves if the officer has made a mistake.

But ever since Bill C-24, a single government official can strip a Canadian’s citizenship with no right to a fair hearing or even a right to see all the evidence.

Since C-24 was passed in 2014 we've been fighting, along with tens of thousands of supporters, to restore the right to a fair process.

Today we are celebrating an important milestone!

Today, the Senate of Canada just passed an amendment to Bill C-6 that would restore the right to a fair hearing.

This is great news! As amended, Bill C-6 would:

  • erase the parts of Bill C-24 that allow citizenship revocation as a punishment for dual citizens,
  • end the threat of losing your citizenship if you move away from Canada for work, family, or personal reasons,
  • provide greater flexibility and help obtain citizenship faster, and- crucially-
  • restore the right to a fair hearing.

But the Bill isn't law yet. Bill C-6 will have to return to the House of Commons where MPs will decide whether or not to accept the Senate's amendment. 

So I'm asking you to say thanks to the Senate, and show MPs that you want them to pass an amended Bill C-6 that guarantees every Canadian the right to an independent hearing when they are at risk of losing their citizenship.

Click here to tweet your support for the right to a fair hearing.

When C-6 goes back to the House of Commons, MPs need to know that Canadians support the restoration of a fair process, and a return to the rights we had before Bill C-24.

After three years of work, we are getting so close to the finish line.

Thank you for helping us clear the last few hurdles.


Charlotte Kingston, Director of Community Engagement
and the BCCLA team

P.S. Are you new to this campaign or still have some questions? Click here to learn more about the right to a fair hearing.


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